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    Default Need your input or experience with FOURTH ELEMENT Arctic undergarment

    Hi guys this is the deal. I have a cave cut sig series DUI cf200 and while going to the gym all winter my arms got a lot bigger. With this being said my cf200 is pretty tight in the bicep area. I used to wear a Hollis 200g undergarment but I have head good things about the fourth element artics. It is a lot thinner then the Hollis or other jumpsuits but how about warmth????? I already bought it and I won't be diving it until May. I live and dive off NY and NJ where our bottom temps range from 45-55 degrees on most wrecks. Do you guys think my fourth elements are suitable for these temps? If not what can I later under them to make them warmer. Keep in mind I had to buy these because they are thin and I can use my suit with them. Also keep in mind I'm not shelling out another 3k on a new suit. I'll stop working out my arms before I do that!!! any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would think you should be OK. Fourth element also sells a vest you can add as a layer that doesn't add anything to your "arms".

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    The Arctic is a very warm undergarment as thin as it is compared to Thinsulate.
    It is about on par with my Santi 200g Thinsulate, maybe it offers a little less insulation.
    My buddy uses his Arctic with the CF200 in winter and he dives below freezing with it. It is plenty warm under a crushed neoprene dry suit for all conditions.
    Keep in mind that you may need more weight to offset the additional buoyancy compared to your old undersuit.

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    I dive a xerotherm as my base layer with the Arctic on top (under a crushed neoprene suit) for the Florida caves. Originally I was happy diving just the xerotherm and no hood, but I started getting cold around the 95-100 min mark. I then tried the Arctic and a 5 mil hood, but I definitely started to overheat going into the ear. I'm now diving the xerotherm with the Arctic on top with no hood. It's definitely a little too warm for me at the beginning, but it's just about perfect after I get past the lips. I stash the hood in my pocket for deco that's more than 10 minutes.

    The Arctic +xerotherm is definitely a little bulky, but I wouldn't say it's any worse than a normal sweatsuit. I'd say that it really will depend if it's warm enough for you. If you are doing 3 hr dives at 50 then you'll probably get pretty cold ( I can't comment how it would feel with argon). However, it should be more than adequate for shorter dives as long as you aren't a sissy with the cold. When you factor in a hood and gloves, I think it should be nice and toasty.

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    Guys thanks so much and I'm so happy for the positive feedback keep it coming please. I was wondering if long johns could serve as a good base also as far as argon goes. I don't know if you already know but check this out. This add comes from add helium who I hate and think are bull #### artist thieves. But anyway check it out.


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    For a base layer you really just want something that wicks sweat away. You can layer on top of that as much as needed.

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    Inverted bear did you read that article

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    The artics are what most guys use on our boats. You should be fine.

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    I use the J2 for a base layer and the Artic Expedition as main thermals. The Expeditions are just a smidge, if that, thicker than the Artic. I dive fairly consistently in 40-45 degree water and it keeps me warm for 2hr+ average dive time. I have noticed the Expeditions seem to trap air so I'm a little more floaty than when I used my 200gram stuff. I dive a 50/50 and FLX Extreme and like the Fourth Element stuff.

    If that's not enough you should check out the UWLightdude heater option...


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    The Arctics are warm for the thickness. I still layered in cold water using them, on their own they weren't enough for upper 30*s to mid 40*s. Anything under 60* and I started layering with them.

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