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    Default WTB Drysuit socks.

    Hi guys I'm looking for some nice thick Drysuit socks. Either dui thinsulate or fourth element Arctic. Or something similar and thick. I'm lookin to spend $45 shipped to me in NY. Oh and I'm a size 12 rockboot

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    why not use heavy weight merino wool socks or primaloft socks?


    save a lot of money and not paying a premium for "dive" apparel....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone1004 View Post
    ...save a lot of money and not paying a premium for "dive" apparel....
    I use heavy weight Polarfleece socks that I got from Cabela's. They work great, and were a third the price of similar dive-specific drysuit socks.


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    I'll check into that. Thanks man.

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    I'll let you in on a secret. These are exactly like the DUI socks, but way better and way cheaper. You can get regular or powerstretch. I prefer powerstretch.


    I will never buy any name brand drysuit socks again. I bought three pair which I "alternate". Unfortunately the pair I always use end up on top of the pile and therefore they're the ones I grab first and don't actually alternate. I'd say they've been on 150 dives and the toe is just showing wear.

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    Awesome. Thanks bro. Do you layer the power stretch with anything else on very cold dives. Let's say 35-40 degree waters

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    BEST SOCK EVER... Smartwool Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew

    Those fleece socks for drysuits are a bad joke with an even worse fit. I tried using them for a few years and then started using my old Smartwool socks that I used for ice climbing and mountaineering. Never going back.

    It's also easy to put on two pairs when it's really cold, because they stretch and fit like an actual sock.

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    I couldn't concur more regarding the Smartwool Mountaineering socks. Disclaimer: My feet get really cold. I usually wear two pair when cave diving with a drysuit in Florida-ish 70 degree water. I wear 1 pair of those thick Smartwool socks while "dry" caving in 47 degree "dry" caves. If I know I'll be in a stream cave with a moderate amount of time with water above the boots, I'll instead wear 1 pare of 3mm neoprene socks. If I'll plan to spend the day in a 47 degree F stream cave, or sump diving, I'll wear 3 pair of 3mm neoprene socks, 9mm total (merino wool is amazing, but below 50 degree water temps, the returns are diminishing, and time to go synthetic).

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    I wear ski socks that have a large percentage of wool. Wool maintains its insulating properties when wet. That's why I love my Pinnacles.

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    disagree on smartwool. you'll get holes in them. go with darn tough, it will be the last merino sock you ever need to buy

    BUT none of these suggestions are 400gram thinsulate, which is what the OP is looking for and none of these will be as warm.

    i have a pair of dui xm450 socks you can have for 45 shipped if you want


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