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    Default homemade housing

    I dont currently have the $800 for an underwater housing for my Sony Handycam HC-21....so I think i might try to build my own. I'm thinking of something that I can simply hit record, put the camera in the housing, and just record the whole time ie no controls. I'm sure someone has tried building one before...any ideas or suggestions?? I'm going to start looking for materials tomorrow. And keep in mind. I dont need it to be waterproof to 400ft or anything. I just want something simple and small.

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    Check out what Tom has to offer.


    camera at-

    Ikelite does sell its fittings.
    Happy hunting.


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    I've got a red "Equinox" underwater video housing that I bought about 12 years ago for $895.00 and which is still in very good condition. I would be glad to let you have it for less than half that price. It's identical to the larger of the 3 models that you see pictured at this site:


    The control handles were designed for a large model "Panasonic" 8mm camcorder, which I no longer have, so the unit is going unused.

    I see that you live in Tampa. I live in Valrico.


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    One of my dive buddies built one from a piece of PVC pipe, with a plexiglass window. It needed some lead to keep it neutral, but the pictures came out great.

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    Have you looked at the Ewa Marine bag type housings? They run around $100 to $300 and are rated to various depths, although everything I read says they become too crushed to easily operate below around 50 feet.
    Of course you cannot hook up an external light.

    I have one for my still camera. I've got no major compalints. I mean....it's a bag. But I'll stick with it until I can afford a full fledged upgade. Sounds a lot easier than building my own housing. Mine is only rated to 30 feet. I've taken it to 40 and didn't come up with a bag of camera parts.

    Just a thought.


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    A buddy of mine just built one out of 4 inch PVC, 1inch plexy, and an aluminum flat bar for stabilization. He mounted two 20 watt halogen MR16s in PVC couplings and lit them with a 5 amp NiMH batt pack. The battery runs the lights for 2 hours and thats longer than the digital cam tape will run. The whole deal is a little negitive but it does not seem to be a major issue. We filmed 3 times at buford down to 156 feet and everything looks great.

    To start it he puts the camera in the housing and seals it up. When its time to dive he uses the remote that he keeps in a ziplock baggie in his dive bag, and points it at the camera from the front window.

    In the end its not a bad deal for 50 bucks. $100 if you count the battery and charger. I will see if I can have him post pictures of it on here tonight.



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