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    Exclamation Complete cave gear for sale

    Haven't dove in 20 years, reels, (2) 104's & 72, bands, plate, reels, lights, regs, etc. 1package-$800. On vacation 12-4 to 1-5-16 Call now 352 775 4245

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    You either need a full list with brands, model numbers, etc,or pictures. $800 is a lot for 20 year old gear, especially not knowing what you are selling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FW View Post
    $800 is a lot for 20 year old gear, especially not knowing what you are selling.
    This sounds ancient, but...

    I know everyone has their own opinions, but my twenty-plus years as a reg tech makes my opinion reasonably valid. I use what I consider the absolute best regs ever made, and they are almost nineteen years old!

    But FW is right - give us details and this will sell a lot faster.

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    Ill give you $100 for eveything

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    FWIW,but if those are some of the older 104s they may be some of the very desirable PST 104s that were lighter weight, and had a slightly longer crown/neck. These could make good sidemount tanks because they were light in weight relative to newer PST 104 with better COG,but of course you gained the hot dipped galvanized advantages. Sometimes don't discount old gear without having the whole story, would be worthwhile to investigate.

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