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Thread: Sump UK rig

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    Quote Originally Posted by rddvet View Post
    Nice rig. From the photos it appears the dump could have been lower. I suspect that maybe that actually represents the highest point on the wing and therefore the most efficient dump point, but cant tell from the photo.

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    Looking forward to this being available, I have a number of Andrew's parts (sliding d-rings / Buckles) and they are excellent!

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    His name is Andrew Goring. He's a freaking GENIUS!!! The guy has the means to create basically any piece ot hardware u want. Definitely worth it if you want a fully customized harness.

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    Andrew Goring from SumpUK makes some excellent hardware and associated pieces. I recently bought his "Bone Plate" minimalist backplate for use on my rebreather. I used it last weekend and thought it was excellent. I've seen a lot of the d-rings and so on that he produces and they all seem like they could be excellent if you had that particular need for it. Dealing with Andrew for payment and shipping was easy. So far I've only bought one thing off of him, but so far, it was seriously high quality work and well worth the price.

    My 2 cents.


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