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    Default goethite-ne touchez pas

    Please remember that goethite is a fragile mineral deposit that forms fairly slowly over time. We are all taught in our OW class not to touch coral, because the damage we do won't heal in our lifetime; same thing with goethite.

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    Are we to assume you just got back from a dive where somebody has been trashing the cave?

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    No. Somebody that doesn't post on forums was disturbed that somebody used goethite for their secondary tie off. I don't think anybody teaches what it is,and how fragile it is. I don't feel the incident was intentional,but probably from ignorance of what they tied their reel off to.

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    examples of goethite formations

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    You should take some photos downstream Kelly, it looks like a burned out surrealistic forrest there. Cindy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy
    You should take some photos downstream Kelly, it looks like a burned out surrealistic forrest there. Cindy
    You are right.

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    I have also taken a lot of nice pictures of goethite formations in a couple of Missouri caves, and they are indeed VERY fragile! Not long ago I found a sample on the floor of a cave that had either fallen from the ceiling on its own or had been accidentally broken off, and I decided to collect it for study. It was so full of holes (vesicular) that it was like Swiss cheese and about as fragile as is possible without falling apart under its own weight. Even now I have to be extremely careful not to damage it just by holding it. I wish I could show that little specimen to everyone not familiar with the mineral. You could be sure they would never want to tie off on it again (at least I HOPE they wouldn't want to). I admit that most goethite isn't quite as fragile as my little specimen, but it's still very brittle stuff and it's best if people just avoid touching it and tie off on something else. -Alan

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    Thanks for the comment Alan



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