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    Default Side mount HOG regs for sale

    I have 1 remaining complete/separate sidemount reg set-ups, and 1 stage reg available. All regs were purchased 3 years ago from cave adventurers and set up "edd" style. All regulators are in excellent working condition and are DIN style first stages. See below for detailed description of each set up.

    1. Hog D1 Classic sidemount regs, 7' rubber hose, 32" braided Kevlar hose, 2- 6" HP HOSES w/ 1.5" white Hog SPG, 2- 14" LP inflator hoses, 2- 360° Omni swivels (both regs), both regulator covers switched to soft covers (blue). (necklace and bolt snaps not included)

    2. Hog D1 Classic stage setup, 6" HP HOSE WITH 1.5" whit Hog SPG, 40" braided Kevlar LP hose.

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    Stage reg sold....

    Sidemount set still available


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