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    Default Gavin Body O-rings - Buna or EPDM?

    What do people use?

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    I always ended up with Epdm, only because of the availability not because one works better than the other. If you peek down the tube to see just how little contact area there is between the body and motor assy. You'll be more concerned with finding a better or bigger o-ring. Look up the Quattro seals from McMaster I never had a leak after I tried them.


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    That is interesting.. Do you have sizes for the Quattro seals you used?

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    Thanks. Yes, what size quattro seals?

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    Let me check my archives for that one.

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    Hopefully this comes out. I had to did through some old stuff for this
    Back in the day on the standard body Gavins if you bumped the body just right it would cause
    the seal to fail and the scooter to leak or flood, no biggie in fresh water!

    The Quattro seal solved all of those problems very well.

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    Thanks !

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    reviving an old post... i bought some of these o-rings from McMaster... the "quatro seal" and they are great. They seem to take a bit more space (height) than the original o-rings, but the seal is great. I put them on an old Gavin standard body.... nice fit.

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    Man I miss my old Gavin... Super stable, super reliable, tracks straight like a guided missile, perfectly balanced torque roll..... Just couldn't lift it anymore

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    Does anyone know if there is one of these o-rings specific to the UV bodies?


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