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    Default Shadow Divers Audio book - really good! and there are cave divers in it...

    OK OK, it's not about cave diving, it's about deep wrecks, but its such a cool book and there are cave divers in it! Several scenes of this nonfiction, well-reaserched adventure story take place in the hull of a ship with complex navigation and zero vis, the divers recount times when they were on the verge of panic, about how they assessed a new unexplored space for subsequent exploration, all clearly cave-relevant topics artfully covered. It's just a really fun book, with the huge benefit of indulging a cave diver who wants to geek out about technical diving in deep water, and in an overhead environment.

    I "read" the audiobook on road trips, then found I couldn't wait and played the last few hours in my home while I stared off into my imagination (read, "the wall"). Really fun book.

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    This is one of the few books I've read multiple times. There's on and off again talk of making it into a movie, which I hope they do. I assume you've read The Last Dive as well?

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    I just finished this a few days ago and I'm already thinking about how long I need to wait before listening again.

    I have not read The Last Dive. I guess I need to?

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    just looked up the last dive...oh man, the bickers!

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    Some of the divers were cavers, the Rouses were both cavers in fact their ashes were released in Ginnie.
    Those are the ones right off hand that I can think of and I think that TriMix training was in its infancy and those who sought it out went to Florida for training.
    Both are great reads as a few others about deep wreck and or cave exploration.

    While we were attending a convention in Chicago we overheard a conversation about the movie deal.
    I would not hold my breath.
    It sounded like it was not going to happen and that was years ago!
    Cool it did but it might turn out like the last one.


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    Great books! I read both several years ago. Now I want the audio version for airplane listening.

    I am not an avid reader of novels. Books really have to grab my attention to make the read list. Not diving related, but one of my all time favorites is 'Blind Man's Bluff'. Its about US submarines during the cold war. I could not put it down! Read it in 2.5 days, which is pretty darn fast for me.

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    In addition to The Last Dive and Shadow Divers, I recommend The Helldiver's Rodeo. Not cave or wrecks but about spearfishing off the coast of Louisiana. People say cave diving is dangerous but the stuff these guys did is down right scary (and a bit stupid...) Being from LA (or you living in LA) and knowing much of the geography they speak of makes it more interesting as well.

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    Thanks Michelle, that would be fun. I looked into the fishing clubs around New Orleans when I moved here, but upon reading about some of the battles with fish and fatalities, I opted against. That and I don't have a boat.

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    You might find this interesting too.

    Shadow Divers Exposed: The Real Saga of the U-869

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    Reading samples, my impression is the same as many of those that are on Amazon. It's not high on my list.


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