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    Question Wetsuit Booties Over Drysuit Soft Socks?

    I am not satisfied with lace-up boots over my drysuit soft socks. Considering wetsuit zippered booties instead of lace boots. Can anyone comment?

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    Works good

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    I've seen a few people use those and they worked fine. Just make sure your fins will fit. Personally, I just used Chuck Taylors which worked great. I didn't care for the laces so I replaced them with bungee

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Hi Vince,

    I've been using zipperless wetsuit booties over my drysuit socks for several years now. I get a bootie size about 2 sizes larger than my normal shoe size, but this will depend on the thickness of your drysuit sock. I've also found that the stretchier type neoprene is necessary for the zipperless style to work well. Getting both the sock and the bootie wet will help slip the bootie on. Zipperless negates the zipper failure problem, but I know others who use the zipper style.

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    I use neoprene booties over my CF200 drysuit socks. They work fine, and to me are more comfortable and fit in my fins better then the rock boots. I initially worried about getting gas in my feet and blowing them off, but I use gaitors and fin keepers and make sure the booties are completely zipped up.

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    I used zipper wetsuit booties with my Black Ice. Like Jack said, they may take smaller fins. Luckily I still have my old wetsuit fins.

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    Might be the shape of my feet, but I found that wet suit booties can "pop off" my feet when I go head down in a dry suit. Booties fit nice and snug, but without laces, they seem to be prone to fin loss.

    I put fin keepers on my dry suit socks, then put the wet suit booties over the fin keepers. Helps keep booties/fins attached to my feet.

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    Wetsuit booties are all I've ever used. Never a problem. Easy on, easy off. I watch for close outs and buy em cheap. I think my current pair were ten bucks from Northeast Scuba Supply.

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    I used them for years. Never liked the idea of pace up boots or chuck Taylor's

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    I did not try them until I left my DUI boots at Ginnie. I got a pair from CE and they worked well. My only concern is that the zipper will fail while kitting up. But, then again, that is what duct tape is for.

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