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    Default Halcyon EOS for sale

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    I have a halcyon EOS LED light for sale.

    Used on about 40 dives


    Full Power:
    5 hour burntime
    Half Power:
    10 hour burn-time
    2.6” OD / 11.63” L (6.6 cm OD / 29.5 cm L)
    Weight: 4 lb (1.8kg)
    Buoyancy: -1.75 lb (-.8 kg)

    • Advanced LED array provides powerful 600 Lumen output in a small, attractive form.
    • Lux rating at one meter is 10700; at three meters, 1450; and at five meters, 530.
    • High-quality, aluminum light head with a Type 3, Class 2 Mil-Spec hard coat is durable and corrosion resistant.
    • Aluminum light head optimizes heat dissipation while protecting LED electronics.
    • High-quality LEDs are rated for approximately 20,000 hours and protected by a nearly indestructible light head.
    • The dual-intensity LED allows an option to double battery run time.
    • The built-in thermal protection circuit auto-switches to low intensity to protect LED array from overheating when out of the water.
    • The Eos Goodman handle features an innovative bolt snap attachment point.
    • The light head body provides a rear bolt snap attachment option.
    • The charger has a switchable universal input, 110-240v.
    • The Eos LED is pressure tested and depth rated to 300ft/90m.
    • There is a lifetime warranty on the canister.
    • The Eos comes standard with our indestructible Explorer canister featuring our proprietary “dry lid” design.

    Will sell for $700

    MSRP $1049

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    Price drop


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    This is a great light. I have hundreds of dives on mine and I'm not at all gentle on gear. No issues with it whatsoever- will make a great light for someone.

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    The light is sold.

    Thank you


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