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    Default CCR Cave instruction on a JJ CCR in Florida

    Long title but it does sum up what I'm looking for quite nicely. Basically I intend to broaden my views a bit with some Florida cave diving and since I enjoy additional training I figure another class couldn't hurt.

    I've had a full cave card for half a dozen years, have done some 200 - 300 dives in cave or cave equivalents (cold water mines mainly) with OC training up to and including advanced sidemount, dpv and the like. MOD 3 but no cave training on the CCR though I do dive my JJ in a mine environment and have done so for the last couple of years. I'll be bringing one or two buddies for the class who also dive JJs but have a bit less experience and none in true cave. They are trained to IANTD mine diver standards (about equal to apprentice to cave) as well as MOD 3 levels. Basically the idea is to see what Florida has to offer, learn a bit about rebreathers in a cave environment and maybe most importantly - practice our team routines and skills.

    What I'm looking for
    A solid, experienced, rebreather instructor that can certify Cave CCR on a JJ-CCR.

    No militaristic crap. No yelling during class and no macho exercises. I've seen it and I do not approve.

    A full course rather than a crossover. The other two will need the theory and the time spent in the water will be valuable to practice team diving.

    Available February 2016. Not set in stone but around that time. Schedule needs to fit around one of the divers conference schedule which will have him in Florida in early February.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sounds like you're looking for Jon Bernot.

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    I agree with Kevin --

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    or Tom Mount at IANTD, but Jon Bernot would probably be the first I call

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    Is Tom back to teaching?

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    +1 on Bernot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superlyte27 View Post
    Is Tom back to teaching?
    he was on the list of guys they announced last month and was in the crossover with Bernot when he took it.

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    +1 on J.B

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    I'm sure Jon is great. But someone has to make a plug for Doug Ebersole. I just don't want him feeling left out.


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    You need to look at training with Rob McGann. He has just moved back to cave country after living in Truk For the last five years teaching and guiding. Me and my buddy took our JJ Mod 1 with him last November. It was a fantastic experience! Rob has lived in cave country most of his life and came up working for Cave Excursions. He has lived and dived all over the world as a professional. He is currently working on finishing his cave instructor certification and will certainly be able to teach your class by the time you come to Florida. Rob has an amazing personality and is one of the funniest, most laid back guys I know. He will make your class very entertaining as well as a first rate training experience.


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