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    Default Gear Page Information - Terms of Use

    This is the Cave Diver's Forum Gear Exchange site. This site is dedicated to the sale and search of cave diving related gear or commodities. No retailers. No membership or fee is required for use.

    It is against our policy to list your gear here while also listing it on a site such as eBay or Craigslist. If you do it will be subject to removal, and your CDF account as well.

    The Cave Diver's Forum does not validate any posts, sellers or buyers. Purchase and Sell with caution! Know in detail what you are buying, what the shipping costs will be, and get insurance if significant value. Payments by Money Orders are great for the seller, but risky for the buyers. Credit card transactions are the safest, especially for both parties with companies like PayPal.

    Upload any gear pictures to the Gear Exchange Photo album. Right click on the picture, then left click on properties, to see (and copy/paste) the url to the picture. You can paste that url into your gear post. Because you can edit your own threads, you don't have to worry about getting it right the first time...

    Feel free to express your opinions, however please use tact when doing so. Foul language will not be tolerated. Please don't flame prices if you don't agree with a price, simply don't buy it. Any suspected scam should be reported to the Webmaster@cavediver.net . Any posting not deemed appropriate by the forum moderators will be removed. Please view our site rules if any questions.

    Feedback. If you wish to leave feedback or comment about dealings with someone on this forum, put them in the orginal Topic or thread of the sale/purchase (do not create a new topic). Keep the comment specific to that seller or buyer. Include the word 'Feedback' so it can, later, be looked up by a search. You can also PM or email any of the moderators.

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