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    Default Combination Analyzer

    Does anyone know of an analyzer for both O2 and CO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by h2ojoe View Post
    Does anyone know of an analyzer for both O2 and CO?
    Yo dude. I had the same question on CCRexplorers I think. I will say that this would be great for the diver who doesn't actually own a trimix analyzer. It would be cool if they could place a helium sensor, oxygen sensor and CO sensor all in one pelican box!

    In a perfect world.


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    a buddy and I are actually seriously talking about making our own.... Problem right now is the HE sensor. We can put a N2 and O2 sensor in there and just write the program to do 1-n2-o2=he. Neither of us are diving trimix enough to justify having HE right now, but the N2 sensor is only $100. Going to put all the sensors in a pelican case around an air chamber similar to ccr heads, then program the computer to read the outputs and display them all. Longer term project, and definitely not something we'll be selling, but we will document everything for others to DIY


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