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    Default Conservation type of people

    One thing that i have noticed in the few years that I have been involved in the "online messageboards" is the difference in actual response to conservation.

    This forum is usually more responsive to conservation efforts that usually has a good turn out to "cleanups" or has people that offer things/equipment. There are a couple of "other" forums where the response is usually nil.


    Now if I could just get everyone to take personality tests so I can figure this out...

    Just an observation...

    ps- WW cleanup is coming soon... see Conservation forum for info.

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    Default Right on the money Tegg.

    You are definitely correct on the nil response to cave conservation/maintenance that most other sites experience. Probally cause genuine cave divers are the core of this site. Hope to see all at Waynes World cleanup. Take care.

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    Originally Posted by Tegg
    "Every hole is worth a shot."

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    Dunno.... but I usually find something to pick up and toss in the proper trash location on my dives.....

    If it doesn't belong where I find it, and I can reasonably carry and dispose of it, then it gets tossed where it belongs.



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