The description says 10hr burntime - I've never run it that long, but I can go test if you want me to. Original rigging on the can dug into the metal a little, but that's just cosmetic. Little bit of corrosion on the light head too but it works fine. They've always been great about replacing warranty items - had a light head stop working and they replaced it for free. Been in salt water a lot, but rinsed afterwards each time. Here's what the website says about the lighthead:

  • Single 700 lum* LED Head with a 10 degree narrow beam spot
  • Bright as a 18w HID however uses a 5w LED bulb therefore draws 0.4 amp at 11.1 volts.

Looking for $400 in total, with included/free shipping - probably FedEx ground because they're closest to me. Would like to use paypal.

Included is:
- Can
- Detachable lighthead (e/o connectors like lightmonkey uses afaik) with the bungee & clip on it
- Wire-splitter so you can put a second lighthead or heater on the same can
- US wall-charger. Red when the can needs charge, turns green when it's full (or no can plugged in).

Through UTD the price would be ~$630 +taxes and s/h.

Pics of what you'd be buying:

(it works)

That scratch..