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Thread: Wtb mako/tekna

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    Default Wtb mako/tekna

    I know it's a long shot but looking for a mako/ tekna. Solely using it for open water in shallow depths. Let me know if you have anything lying around in the back of your dive lockers.

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    I have a set of Tekna fins if you are interested. The are good for open water, closed water, shallow, or deep.

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    I guess I could have been more specific. Looking for the scooter.

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    I just sold my Hollis to my dive buddy and he has a Tekna for sale for $600 including extra batteries.

    Feel free to email him if you are interested.


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    I have a Tekna that hasn't run in many years. Has the carrying case with it and everything. Make me an offer.

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    I assume you're looking for a Tekna DV100?

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    Something along those lines

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    Danny, hope you're doing well. There's one here in High Springs...come dive some caves and try it out.
    It's not mine but an old friend has it.

    Cave Mann

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    I wish I could get down there again but my newborn is demanding my wife's full attention, and she in turn is demanding mine, lol. I'm actually looking for a scooter to do some open water diving with, I know blasphemy but that's what we have here in NY. I probably wont dive a DPV in a cave for a very long time. I have tons to see in the first 1000 feet that I have no need to go further right now.

    Is your friend willing to sell? or ship for that matter?

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    I saw that you're looking for open water. He is willing to sell. In fact, I know he is. I'll pop you an email separately if I still have it.
    In terms of shipping - I have no doubt he would. It's pretty easy to ship these small guys. However, there's a good chance I'm going to NJ after I get back from Europe (a crazy trip) at the end of May. If you can wait that long, I can bring it with me. If it doesn't fit in my suitcase, we can just snip the end off.

    Cave Mann


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