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    Default UTD Z sidemount BC FS

    UTD Z sidemount BC system (z-harness, z-cover, and z-trim) for sale. Bought new a bit over a year ago, and used on maybe 20 dives. It's in great condition, with the harness uncut. This is basically the SMS-50, without the buttplate--it's got two sets of D-rings on the waist, like the razor system. I've made loop bungees for it, but will also include the original continuous bungee.

    Reason for sale: graduate school. I haven't even thought about diving this since last July, so it's time to pass it along and pay a bit of tuition.

    Asking $300 shipped, I'll eat the paypal fees.


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    I sent you a PM. I'll buy it if no one did yet.

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    Sold to Idive pending payment

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    Sold and shipped. Thanks Idive!


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