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    Default Best method to ship tanks?

    What is normally the best way to ship tanks? UPS? USPS? Etc


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    I've never had trouble shipping them with FedEx. Make sure you pull the valve, and cap the tank. Tape over the open end seems to work, if your tape is wide enough. I roll the tanks in cardboard, then cut end caps. I use either double thick cardboard, or wrap them twice around.

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    People should be aware of a change in FedEx shipping. What used to be FedEx Ground (a great service) is now only for delivery to business addresses. Shipping ground to residential addresses now goes through FedEx Home Delivery. These are independent contractors. Delivery is Tuesday through Saturday; no service on Mondays. If they can't deliver for some reason like you're not home and signature is required, the packages do not go back to the FedEx depot. They remain in the truck parked at the driver's house. And it is next to impossible to get the package retorted to the depot so you can pick it up. You have to wait for 3 failed delivery attempts and then it will go to the FedEx Ground depot. Calling FedEx is useless since these are independent contractors and the centralized FedEx people know nothing about Home Delivery. If you can find a direct number for your local Home Delivery dispatcher, you might be in luck.

    This is the voice of experience talking. I used to recommend FedEx Ground all the time. Last time it took an extra 4 days to get my package because the guy came at a different time each day and I couldn't hang around. The time before that I shipped some rebreather tanks in a heavy plastic shipping crate. The crate arrived broken and taped up with 2 cylinders missing. Can someone please explain how two scuba cylinders can just get lost?

    FedEx Home Delivery is the worst thing ever to happen to FedEx. I'm sticking with USPS now.

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    So maybe that explains why the FedEx packages that I received were delivered by my rural US Mail Carrier.

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    FedEx home delivery service is pretty awful where I am. I've had quite a bit of trouble with it since they started using subcontractors, including deliveries not made/attempted because I was too far out of the drivers way (this happened several times). I stopped using them a few years ago, just not worth the hassle. It's too bad because they used to have great service and it was quite easy for me to pick up a package if needed.

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    The tanks I've had shipped to me all had the tank opening taped over, then were rolled in a couple layers of cardboard and shipped like that. If you make the top cylindrical, there's room to stuff the valve up there. I've gotten a 40 via USPS and 108s (broken down) via UPS without any problems. They seem to appreciate it if you write HEAVY all over it to save backs.


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