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    Default Welcome to the Retail Cave Diving Gear Forum (Policies)

    Welcome to the Cave Diver's Forum Retail Cave Diving Gear Sales Forum.

    Retailers are welcomed and encouraged to use this section to place announcements of specials of anything cave diving related. The cost is nominal... its free!

    Retail Forum Policies:

    1 ) Limit 1 new listing per 15 day period.

    2 ) Only legitimate dive gear manufacturers and retail businesses allowed. Businesses will provide proof of their business to CDF Staff if requested. Examples of proof are business licenses for a city and/or county, corporate licenses, and state sales tax forms.

    3 ) Items MUST be, in just about any way, cave diving related, newly released or changed, or 'special', ie: special low priced, hard to find, or one of a kind. This does not include training. Any item not deemed 'new release' or 'special' can be removed by a moderator.

    4 ) Anyone posting a retail topic or thread must be an employee, owner or authorized agent of the Retail Company's product.

    5 ) The Cave Diver's Forum does not validate any product information posted on this forum. Purchase with caution! Payments by Money Orders are great for the seller, but risky for the buyers. Credit card transactions are the safest.

    6 ) Cave Diver's Forum staff will not be responsible or involved in any disputes with sellers and buyers. However, user complaints ( to Forumadmin@Cavediver.net ) about sales transactions or service can lead to a ban of a company from the CDF Retail Forum.

    7 ) No unloading of retail product images and pictures onto the Cave Diver's Forum pictures site. This policy is created to prevent overuse of web server network resources.

    8 ) A max size for each posting of 200k.

    9 ) Postings may contain text, static HTML and images only.

    10 ) Postings may not contain links to 3rd party sites except as directly relates to the items being offered. (i.e. Manufacturer's specifications, regulatory agency, etc...)

    11 ) No bashing of other retailers or brands.

    12 ) * Must provide current email, phone number, and valid website link or physical address somewhere on the posting(s).

    13 ) Postings will expire after some time determined by the administrators.

    14 ) These rules and policies can be changed over time, at the discretion of the Cave Diver's Forum staff, to better manager and control the Retail Forum.

    15 ) Buyers can NOT post replies. We recommend that you request responses by phone, PM or email.

    16 ) Posts in this forum are not made public until they are approved by a moderator.

    17) If you want to edit your post and can not, email your changes to tj@dayo.com.

    Still have questions? PM (Private Message) or email any Moderator, Webmaster or Administrator.

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