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    Default Edd's stage rigging?

    Is this right ? I'm trying to move from back mount style deco rigging to something a little tighter.
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    I like the paper towel as an MOD sticker, inexpensive!

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    Looks pretty much like I do mine.

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    Pretty sure Dive-Rite has a video on how to rig a stage "Edd style"

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    That's funny it sorta does look like paper towel. It's a fabric tape, easy to write on, easy to peel off, no glue left behind.
    I watched the video, but it seems the top leash is way to long when I hook up, I'll try to shorten it up a bit maybe.

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    I've used Edd's rigging and the bottom of the tank floats when the pressure gets low. Rob Neto posted a thread on here about sidemount stage rigging that keeps the tanks down when low. Here's a link to that post................


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    Thanks. I'm mounting my deco cylinders on the bottom and trying to get them tucked in and not swinging. But am looking forward to putting a stage on top like Rob does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a878bob View Post
    I watched the video, but it seems the top leash is way to long when I hook up, I'll try to shorten it up a bit maybe.
    I don't use a top leash, I just bungee around the valve.

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    Bungie from main cylinders? Or something else?

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    With my rebreather on a backplate, I add a bit of bungee through a backplate hole and it works quite well, this is separate to the bailout bottles (AL80's) I have sidemounted using a system similar to edd's setup (also just bungee's around the valve). Of course I might have been confused and misread your original post as I was unsure if you are asking about a SM or BM set up, obviously in SM my method won't work. When I first read it I had the impression that you were diving BM but wanted to get away from how many BM divers set up their stage and deco bottles (ie front mounted hanging well below the chest dangling around) and were looking to have them set up as proper sidemount bottles, apologies if I have misunderstood.


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