OK, I have way too many backplates so I need to sell a few:

- Dive Rite Stainless backplate. Pre single-tank slots. Used in the pool a dozen times. No webbing or d-rings Asking $75 + shipping.

- Dive Rite Stainless Backplate. Pre single-tank slots Used a bunch, but hey, it's a Stainless plate. Comes hogarthian webbed with crotch strap. Waist d-ring is the OMS welded billy ring. Webbing has some wear in the usual places but is serviceable. Asking $100 + shipping.

- Hammerhead backplate - no handle cutouts, not webbing/d-rings. Used on a dozen or so dives. Asking $50 + shipping

I also have a wing for sale:

- Halcyon 70 lb explorer wing. Older style (cordura, not balistic nylon). The Logo patch at the top "fell off" (ahem). Used for 15 or so dives. excellent condition. Asking $250 + shipping.

Asking prices are just that - what I'd like to get. Reasonable offers considered.