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Thread: Guiding Divers

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    Quote Originally Posted by curtschu View Post
    Luckily criminal culpable negligence is a pretty hard charge to make it Florida. The most like thing is you will be sued
    Really? Prosecutors are salaried and if crying widows and orphaned kids convince them you're a bad guy for being at the scene of their loved one's death; you are going to pay a lawyer handsomely to defend you while they hound you for years. Its also possible your liability policy won't cover the defense of a criminal charge.

    As an out-of-town sometimes FL cave diver I will give you my perspective on guides at sites not requiring a guide...

    My first choice would be to bring or invite along a regular buddy who's been to that site before.
    Very close second choice would be to convince one of my N FL local friends to join me. Between CDF, TDS and facebook I know plenty of people who'd be willing to "pay it forward" by diving with me for a day. Just like I do when they come to the PNW.
    Third choice would be to hire an instructor for a day to do a "tune up" and ask that it happen at the site I want to dive.
    Last choice and the least likely would be to find some non-instructor with whom I have zero mentoring relationship with to 'guide' me.

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    Does anybody have a waiver sample for a guided dive?

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    Here is one for Hart Springs


    I, ______________ have reviewed the following procedures and rules, I understand them, and I agree to abide by them:

    Guest Diver Initials:

    _________ 1. I have honestly and properly represented my credentials as reviewed by a Hart
    Springs Guide (below).

    _________ 2. I will follow all Hart Springs Park and diving rules, and instructions of the Guide.
    I will notify the Guide or Park Staff if I observe unauthorized diving activity.

    _________ 3. I will remain within the direct supervision and control of the Guide during all
    in-water activities. I understand that all divers will enter and leave the cave
    together, with the exception of in-water decompression.

    _________ 4. I understand that Guides reserve the right to deny access to individuals or
    terminate dive activities as needed; guides will have final judgment and discretion.
    I also understand that I have the right to terminate any dive at any time.

    _________ 5. I will not re-enter or stay on at Hart Springs Park for the purposes of SCUBA
    diving in the springs and Black Lagoon after such activities with a Hart Springs
    Guide have ended.

    _________ 6. I will not engage in any type of collecting, or cause any intentional damage to the

    _________ 7. I will park and access the dive entry site as directed. I will display the appropriate
    activity tag or device on vehicle during all diving activities.

    _________ 8. I understand that no DPV use or diver training activities are to take place in the
    Hart Springs Cave.

    Guest Diver Name:_____________________Date:__________________

    Signature:________________________________________ ______

    Initials _______


    The following items have been reviewed and approved by the Hart Springs Guide for participation of the Guest Diver identified above:

    Guide's Initials:

    _________ 1. Cave Diver Rating ("Full" Cave) or higher; list agency:_____________

    _________ 2. DAN insurance or equivalent.

    _________ 3. Cave diving 100+ cave dives experience; confirmed with:

    ___ Logbook ___ Abe Davis/Wakulla/equiv. Award ___ Personal Knowledge

    _________ 4. Hart Springs Waiver and Release of Liability completed (guests and guides).

    _________ 5. Park diving entry fee paid.

    Hart Springs Guide


    Signature:________________________________________ ______

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
    Any opinions are personal.
    Sump Divers


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