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    Any one have some input on which systems for me, just finished my Intro and want to find out some systems to dive. I am diving sidemount and my buoyancy/trim is great but want to dive some systems less silty to start out with. I experienced Twins during my training and understand how fast things can get bad fast.I would like to dive northern Florida.

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    First, you should find some buddies to dive with. After that, finding places to dive is very easy. Consider joining the Atlanta Technical Divers FB group (https://www.facebook.com/home.php?re...s/35531252063/) to stay in touch with a good group of divers who typically go to N. FL once a month.

    Otherwise, Ginnie Springs, Peacock and Little river are just a few systems you should check out.

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    Devil's (Ginnie)
    Little River
    Olsen Line (Peacock I)
    Peanut Line (Peacock I)
    Orange Grove
    Jackson Blue
    Madison Blue

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    Generally, higher flow caves will have less silt along the mainline portions of the cave you'd be on during Intro level dives.

    The intro reachable portions of Ginnie are not all that silty, and the mainline is pretty big cave.

    JB is also (normally) high flow and low silt along the mainline - once off the mainline it's very silty, but that should not be an issue at Intro level diving.

    Little River is a little siltier but has enough flow that if you do screw up, you won't be in low viz long. Stay out of the side mount tunnels under the caver though. They are low and silty, and a couple of the lines could get you in trouble at your level, even though you could technically do them on a primary line to OW.

    Manatee is also high flow with a sandy bottom and entering at Catfish allows you to go up or downstream, although at intro, I'd advise upstream only. You can also enter at manatee itself and go upstream but the flow can be pretty intense getting in.

    I'll second the suggestion to go with someone who is diving at your level - and who won;t take you somewhere you would not be comfortable. I'll also recommend you not use your sidemount configuration to do sidemount passage until after you are full cave and have some instruction or at least some very thorough mentoring in actual sidemount cave diving.

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