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    Default Houston Area Cave Divers – Reminder! June 23, Cave Diver Day at Mammoth Lake!!


    Just a quick reminder for now, more to come later: your chance to eat, drink, and chat with your fellow cave divers in the Houston area is just around the corner. The date is set for Saturday, June 23, at Mammoth Lake in Lake Jackson.

    If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so at www.houstonareacavedivers.com

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    Eric, I have been corralled into taking a class that weekend and wont be able to make it after all.


    Steve Harbin
    Richmond, TX

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    Well heck--

    That brings up another issue-- I'll be sending out emails soon to those who have signed up to firm up the headcount. It's a respectable number so far, and my hope is that that will grow rather than shrink.

    Steve, the thing will last into the evening, and I'm sure folks will still be hobnobbing if you have a chance to swing by after the class.

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    She has like 18 OW students and several specialties and said she really needs me; we will be staggering three classes all weekend. You're going South, I'm going North. Besides, 18 students isn't bad money at $10 a head. Saving for a Light Dude mega beam.

    I am taking some folks to Mammoth on Sunday in case your diving there this weekend.

    Steve Harbin
    Richmond, TX

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    Another reminder to all: If anyone will be coming out with you, be sure to register them on the website as well so we don't run short on grub!

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    Will be there. Look forward to meeting everybody.

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    Default Itinerary updated for Cave Day at the Lake

    Folks, FYI-- the website has been updated with a schedule for the day's events.


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