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Thread: EDI-T torches

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    Default EDI-T torches

    hi all has anyone heard or used one of thease torches? just looking on line and thought they looked good

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    I have one I use at work and have beat it to death and its held up. I got the light a little to hot and the lense melted some and the beam doesnt seem as bright, but other then that its been great.

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    Hi. I bought one of these and had on the whole a good experience with it when holidaying in Florida the last 2 weeks. The amount of light produced is good for the size of the beastie and the current it draws. If they did one with an adjustable focus so you could get it pin sharp that wd be even better. But buying one in England I had an issue with it in Florida; in spite of the fact that its charger clearly says 100-230V, it did not work when I ran it off the 110V supply of the USA. After the initial irritation when the light expired after 3 dives with (unknown to me) no charging in between, I found a quick fix; the charger supplies 4.5V at 500mA (of which it seems to use only about 150mA on an averagely discharged battery) so I rewired it to a USB charger (5V 600mA) and plugged it in, and the light then charged up & worked flawlessly. Not sure I shall ever go back to the original charger, no shortage of USB ports in any country I normally cavedive in!

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