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Thread: FS: Nomad JT

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    Default FS: Nomad JT

    Been wet only one time. $475 obo. Currently with a buddy in Alachua and ready for pickup. If you need it shipped, I can ask him, but it may have to wait until I'm down there again (in four weeks).

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    what size is it?

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    Sorry for the delay - didn't get a notification of the reply. Size Large.

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    4 weeks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLDVR View Post
    4 weeks?
    Three weeks ago, it was four weeks! Be back in HS first weekend in May. And the JT is still for sale. I'll put it up on eBay when I'm down there again, just thought I'd give forum members first dibs...

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    I wish that I didn't already have one, you know how I like deals


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