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    Might be in the wrong Place but some how lost the wife's phone,,
    A very basic verizon coupe , don't need ANY/much more as I have to REPEATEDLY shown her how to use and don't even want to try teach her to use any thing more than a rotary dial if possible,,,,, BUTT,,, if any one has a BASIC phone for verizon RSVP ASAP with info need charger if possible

    no spouse/Blonde comments required or needed

    as she is a blonde and, can answer the if I was going 8o mph how long would it take to go 80 miles
    but won't learn new phone basics

    thanks David

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    I have the Samsung Alias and all the parts..... save the stuff due to neices and nephews beign good at loosing stuff....

    9/11....... I remember .........

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    We all have our moments

    9/11....... I remember .........

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    Many thanks,, David

    9/11....... I remember .........

    Never Forget,,,,,

    I lost 2 in the towers ,,,,
    Brother in laws, brother,, Twig,,,,
    Uncles,daughters, niece, Alisa,,


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