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    Default Norm Blitch

    I wanted to share this with you even if it is late. His wife contacted me about selling some of his gear after she found a working email account. She had tried to contact me when he died but had a bad email on me.

    In Memory of
    Norman Blitch
    January 30, 1951 - December 28, 2010

    Norman H. Blitch passed away on December 28th, just short of his 60th birthday, after a hard fought battle with cancer. Norm was born in Jacksonville, FL on January 30, 1951 to the late James H. and Lucille Blitch.
    He retired in October after 38 years as a member of International Longshoreman Association clerks and Checkers Local #1593.
    Norm had many interests and hobbies. Among some of the many clubs he was a member of, are Gateway R/C, Jacksonville Garrison and Orange Park Amateur Radio club. He was an avid Gator football fan. He enjoyed playing bass guitar and keyboard with his friends. His true passion was diving. He enjoyed cave and open water diving, but he was happiest after a dive at Ginnie Springs.
    Norm touched the lives of many as a friend and mentor and will be greatly missed by those that knew him. His family and friends would especially like to thank Dr. Timothy Lucey for his support and friendship.
    A Memorial Service will be held at 2:00 pm on Sunday, January 30th in the chapel of Hadlow Center for Caring - Community Hospice of NE Florida.

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    oh, what a shame. he was so nice to me when i was just starting to dive. but he was single when i knew him - do you know how long he'd been married? (or was this a friendly ex?)

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    yeah, that's literature these days.

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    I know he had lived with her but I am not sure when they married. Norm was one of Shecks students. He had been out for awhile and retrained when I got started. He was just really happy to dive. He loved photography and had gotten back away from diving working on a glider pilots L. I cannot remembers but he either had a YMCA cave card or a PADI one.

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    i think one of his cave cards was from mary ellen eckhoff, too. helluva nice guy, sorry to hear he's gone...

    "we can have lots of good fun that is funny..." - dr seuss, 'the cat in the hat'

    yeah, that's literature these days.

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    Thanks for PMing me about this Marci. Yes, he really was a nice guy. I met him on the same trip with Marci and liked him a lot. Please let the family know that members of the cave community were better for having known him.

    Trace Malinowski
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    Sad to hear. He was a great photographer as well.

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    Norm was one of my first virtual friends. When I was UWS editor in the mid 2000's I could count on Norm every year to attend the CDS workshop and send me the photos for the center insert. Norm was a very selfless guy. He never once asked for special recognition. He only wanted to help out. RIP Norm

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    Rest in Peace, ILA Brother Norman.

    Barry Allen
    ILA Local 1411


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