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    I tore my rotator cuff the last time I dove side mount. I'm using the Nomad with the standard bungee under the arm. I have always had s hard time pulling the bungee over the valve. I need a softer easier way. Doesn't have to be pretty. I am an easy going cave diver who isn't going into any tight spots. So if the tanks don't tuck under the arm pit, I really don't care. I open to all suggestions.
    really and truly the bungees can be used any way you want and feel comfortable with, I would suggest using thinner more flexible bungee, the super thick Nomad bungees are way too thick IMO and I used to find them too inflexible, also maybe moving the tank bands down a bit so that the valves are more forward if you find that more comfortable, in the armpits or in front makes little difference in my experience do what you find more comfortable.

    There is not set rule as to how to run your bungees and anything will work especially if you don't plan on diving super tight spots were removing the tanks every few minutes would make a difference in the way the bungees are run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sl├╝dge View Post

    So is backmount.
    Not for you DIR types...

    "Is this thing on?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by diverpaul69 View Post
    Thanks for the help. Before this injury happened I was thinking of changing my rig. I don't like the way
    I have it now (cliped to my chest D-ring then routed to the back of the unit). Along with being hard to clip, the bungee pulls
    The valve toward the center of my chest. Do I really need the strap connected to my chest strap. How about just letting
    The tanks hang down? My cave instructor Tammy Thomson does it with bike tubes. You've got me thinking and gave me some
    good options. Thanks for the help
    I'd talk to Tammy about it, she's one of the very best and she can help you for sure. The connection to the front of on my rig is just to help me locate the inntertube when I'm gearing up. My old Zeagle has a plastic d-ring on the end of a piece of webbing for adjustment and I clip the inntertube to that with a cheapo caribeener. As for the shoulder--excercise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    Thanks! . . . not there, yet!
    Yeah, like the caves, that joint isn't going anywhere!



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