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    Default Lost primary reel at Ginnie

    Thursday we swam to the Insulation room when we got done I realized my 200' Light Monkey primary reel was missing. If any one one hear finds it please pm me.
    Thanks Doug

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    I think you're gonna take some flak for calling a 200 footer a primary. Sorry you lost it, Doug. That's a nice reel. I'm curious how you had it attached. I lost my 400 foot LM twice when I only had a double ender on it. Fortunately both times I got it back. Seems the way it twists opens the gate. Now I have a quick link and no more problem.


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    Ken I know but i just cant call it a 200' jump/gap reel. The double ender's spring failed and the reel must have poped off. I miss it so much boo hoo, please someone find it and make us a big happy family again.

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    Stop by EE I think Dan has your reel. He mentioned it to me during a scooter class Wed. night and asked me to check the boards.

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    I am so happy my reel has been found and will soon be returned home where it belongs. The bad news is when your full cave instructor has to find your reel, does anybody think I'm gonna live this down any time soon.

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    I don't know if I should congratulate you or give you my condolences.

    It's not the years in your life that matter, but the life in your years.


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