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    Default FS: SMS100 Single Bladder Sidemount System

    Welling to take any reasonable offer. Its brand new never dived, taking up space in my gear closet. Drop me a line with any questions. PayPal payments only.

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    Knew I forgot something it's a medium.

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    I just saw a dual bladder sell for $275, would you take $200 for it?

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    You saw a brand new never before dived dual bladder sms 100 sell for $275? Thats amazingly cheap considering the retail for nearly $700. Sorry I just can't justify taking a $500 loss on a unit that has never been used.

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    Guy said it was dove 5 times, he listed it at $400 then kept going down until it sold for $275. I'm pretty sure nobody here buys anything retail, wholesale is better indicator price, and I just figured I would ask.

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    Fully agree that no one pays retail and not expecting anyone to offer up a retail level price for it, but whole say on the unit is more in the range of $500.

    Cant blame you for trying at $200 but ya I am going to have to pass on that amount.

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    PM was sent

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    That would have been a great deal at twice the offered amount! Stick to your guns.

    Steve Harbin
    Richmond, TX

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    Unit has been sold.


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