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    Default 10th Annual NACD sponsored clean up at Cannonball Cave

    We will have our 10th Annual NACD sponsored clean up at Cannonball Cave (Davidson's Blue Spring), on Wappapello Lake, Greenville, MO on Saturday 7 July 2012. Starting time will be 09:00.

    Trash will be picked up on the hill above the spring and in the lake outside the cave. There will be water and soft drinks available to those who take part as well as bug spray and a boat for transporting you and your gear to the spring. We'll also have sandwiches for a meal on the site of the spring.

    There will be drawings for prizes and NACD will include some very nice giveaways. There will be a small gift for everyone provided by Amigo Dive Center.

    Anyone interested in doing a little summer cleaning at this lovely site is welcome. You do not have to be a diver to take part in the clean up and the drawings will be for everyone.

    Should you require further information contact:

    Douglas Rorex
    Jacksonville, IL 62650
    jdrorex@yahoo. com
    618-919-0239 - cell

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    Hey all, just a bump to remind you of the clean-up at Cannonball on July 7. We have had a couple of divers sign up but a few others would be great. I know that Doug would appreciate the help.

    Safe Diving,

    Sandy Robinson

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    I plan on diving and helping out. The calander is marked!

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    Thankfully I have nothing planned for that weekend so I am in for the first time.. I am excited

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    Y'all should make at a combo event with the CDF social. We are having the Florida CDF social the same day.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
    Any opinions are personal.
    Sump Divers

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    A bump in case anyone else wants to give Doug a helping hand. Also, to follow up on Forrest's suggestion, anyone from the Midwest want to coordinate a CDF Social at the same time?

    Sandy Robinson

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    Just saw the thread. I plan to be there.


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