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    Quote Originally Posted by sskasser View Post
    In October of 2010, I was in Marianna, and succumbed, as most do, to Edd's wily ways. This time, the damage wasn't too bad, an Intova Ultranova. I dove the crap out of that thing! Great light! Then a couple of months ago when I tried to use it, the head was about half-filled with water. When I got out of the water, I checked and it wasn't the battery compartment that leaked, but instead the sealed head. Bummer. It's over a year old. Darn and drats.

    Just on a lark, I emailed Edd about it. I got an immediate response, "got another one right here for you." I mailed him the old one last week, and today the new one arrived. No hassle, no fuss.

    I guess I need to go diving this weekend
    Your preaching to the choir Sister.

    Edd and Stacey do a great job.

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?urv2dz

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkaterenchuk View Post
    I guess even a shop as good as Cave Adventures screws up. Maybe it only happens to me. After one of the screw ups in which I ended up paying extra shipping to get the replacement to me on time I told myself I would not order online from them again. Some time has past and I decided to place a new order and it got screwed up also. Sure they offered to try to fix things by shippping the items express with me absorbing most of the extra cost to do so. Maybe I am old fashioned but when a retailer does not do what they say they will I do not think I should have to pay additional money to get the items when I was promised and also absorb the cost of time and the annoyance to achieve the same end result.

    On the other hand they have been exceptionally good and helpful when I have been there in person.
    You didn't make fun of Side Mounting did you

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    Edd and Stacy are the best and Edd is all about having fun, period. If you want to have fun cave diving, that is the place to go. In terms of gear, anything that goes through that shop gets some extreme testing and tweaking, so he's a great resource for sidemount information.

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    I have had nothing but great experiences with Cave Adventures both online and in person. Edd has always had time to answer any questions I may have had prior to a purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scububa View Post
    You didn't make fun of Side Mounting did you

    Maybe your onto something......I took my sidemount course with Brian Kakuk and not Edd.


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