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    I enjoyed the heck out of TF 160 flying us into objectives down south. Those guys could fly like the dickens, apparently they had some ungodly amount of hours flying with night vision and it was like god coming down from above when they came in hot with mini guns cranking and little birds going ape. You are correct, the smartest guys were flying the choppers, not huddling cold, wet and hungry while getting landed on.

    I'm not surprised at a young whipper snapper disregarding the tradition of the coin, but apparently other leg units have embraced it along with their unearned berets, so i understand a little...and you young guys have been at war for many years.
    However I've kept up my skills by grappling for the last ten years, so punch all you want, just be sure not to do it around folks that would call the cops...some people just don't get the fun of fighting amongst friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillGraham View Post
    I was lucky enough to dive with Steve B for a couple of days in Mexico during the time he was developing the Razor and I was amazed at what he was doing with it. Has the BC situation changed or are you all still diving it with a camel pack and plastic tube?

    As for Edd, he's methodically worked out a comlete system. He can take decent divers, put them in a rig, complete with stages, tweak this and that, and they look like champs in hours instead of months. It beats the hell out of the trial and error method, far as I can see.
    I never liked the camel bags and pre Razor 2 if I was diving with more than 3 tanks (AL tanks that is) I would use my Armadillo, the Razor 2 has a great wing now super streamlined. I think that anyone thinking about SM should take a class as you suggest, it saves a lot of time, if there was some kind of SM class available to us at the the time Thomas and I started we would have enrolled asap ended up learning on our own and wasted a lot of time fiddling around, it is fun but time consuming.

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