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Thread: Helmet lights

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    Default Helmet lights

    Didn't want to hijack the painting helmet thread, and I don't think this is side mount specific, but any ideas as to good light s for a helmet?, and the best way to mount them? I say them because my idea is to run one, and have the other as a backup, yeah I know, that brings me to five lights, but can you have too many?

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    There are lots of options and you'll get lots of personal preferences.

    Intova lights are popular for small lights/low profile helmets.

    UK SL3 LED lights work well, are not expensive are reasonably bright have excellent burn times, run on 3 C cells, have a nice focused beam, and are still fairly small diameter.

    I use Princeton Tec LED Torrent lights. I prefer a switch to a twist on light in a helmet application. The Torrents are a bit brighter than the SL3 (126 lumens) with excellent burn time on 8 AA cells. I like the beam as it has a nice center spot but fairly wide coverage. The light is larger in diameter than the UK light, but it is shorter.

    In terms of mounts, I am a big fan of making mounts out of PVC pipe. Just cut out 1/5 to 1/4 of the circumference of the pipe, countersink mounting holes to attach to the helmet, secure with SS machine screws nyloc nuts and you are ready to go.

    Bungee cord also works as does zip ties, but I prefer the PVC holders as you can snap the light in and out if you prefer.

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    + one on the pvc. I have a snap on the tail of my lights so I can mount them on my harness conventionally or slip them into a piece of pvc and then I have a small loop of bungee on the back of my helmet which I snap into... not so much to secure the light but to keep the snap from dangling.

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    DA, are you buying the PVC slightly undersized and letting it flex to fit the lights? Or are you heating the PVC to help form it to the correct size?
    I'm thinking about using my Intova's for the backups and my LM 12w for primary, also mountable on the helmet.

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    I like the PVC idea and plan to go there when I upgrade the helmet lights. I have currently attached the lights (UK-Q40 LED's) with some bungee through some holes already in the helmet and this has worked well.

    I generally carry both a small Intova and an Ultranova in my pocket for real backup duties. I usually leave one of the helmet lights on all the time. They are very handy for pull and glide in places like the Lips at Ginnie or any other time the light hand is pointing the wrong way.

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    I had planned on PVC, planned on using the thin cheap stuff, not the schedule 40. I had hoped there were specific mounts though. I'm thinking a wide beam like a flood, not a spot too as I assume a helmet light is for up close? Anybody use dummy cords? That is a short cord that attaches the light to the helmet so if it's knocked out of the mount, it doesn't go far, sort of like a tether.
    Anybody used Intova tactical lights and put a picatinny rail on the helmet? Might be overkill, but it would be secure.

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    I use slightly undersized schedule 40 PVC and snap the lights in.

    I also use bungee dummy cords to keep the lights from going anywhere if they pop lose. It hasn't happened, but it's nice to have the backup.

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    If you get the Light Monkey 12W LED for your primary, which comes in a sidemount version, you can get a mounting bracket from them which will screw directly to the helmet, making it very easy to stow and remove the light with one hand. I also have a pair of UK Q40 eLEDs mounted with cable ties. They're flat, so they won't rotate when you twist them on. An extra backup which I can hand off to a partner lives in my Razor man purse.

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    OK if anyone is interested DG clamps work great to hold a helmet light http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalo...1919clamps.php Use a large area washer on the inside of the helmet, pan head screw on the inside of the helmet, washer and nut on the outside of the DG clamp. You couldn't tear the light off and the large area washer really stabilizes and strengthens things.
    220 grit sandpaper is too coarse, I was going to bead blast the helmet, but sanded it. Should have bead blasted it, the scratches are quite evident through the paint. Bead blasting should have frosted the helmet surface. Oh well you live and learn

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    Pics of the finished helmet?

    For the sanding all you really need to do is knock off the shine. A fine grit scotch brite pad usually works great.

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