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    Default Is this normal at Ginnie Springs?

    I camped at Ginnie Springs this weekend. We showed up Sat night late. There were drunk people everywhere and I didn't get much sleep due to noise, but that's not what I am asking about.

    I woke up about 8am on Monday, almost immediately started getting ready to dive. During one of my trips to haul stage bottles to the water I began to hear gun shots. I walked into camp and 2 men were in a golf cart on the boarder of our campsite shooting at the turkey vultures on the other side of the river. I became irritated very quickly and yelled at them "that's not F****** necessary". They drove up into our site and one of them began to argue with me that the birds would "crap on my head". They were on the other side of the river, basking in the sun, no one was tubing, the place was nearly empty. The birds were not causing any problems.

    He fired, what appeared to be a shot gun, approx 5-6 times before our argument started and about that many after as he worked his way back up river from our site.

    During the argument he made claims of being the park owner and that when I own the place I can do what ever I like there.

    I was already unhappy with my stay, the cost of diving/camping, the commercialization, the drunk people and loud partying, but this guy really takes the cake for making Ginnie a place I don't care to ever visit again.

    I just don't care to go camping and have the local wild life shot at, killed, injured, and scared away while I am there. There were lots of other animals around that we didn't see again after he did that.

    Is that normal activity in the Ginnie Springs Park?

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    Normal, no. Unexpected, also no.

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    Ok, I can see your point, but more importantly, you must see my point.

    Don't friggin argue with a guy that is shooting a shotgun. Dude, this is Survival 101.
    I get that you might be tough and entitled and special, but what you don't get is that these country folk are unstable, and it's very likely you could have gotten shot. Just ask the beer bottle victim from this year. Oh wait.... you can't. He's dead.

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    I started going to Gennie Springs in 1972. The last time I set foot on the property 3 years ago, I decided it was no longer a place I cared to go because of the price to get in and the drunk and roudy crowds. It used to be a "sanctuary" for me. In the past I would even take groups of divers or my family to camp there. Guess a lot of other good people and I didn't spend enough money there. It is a shame that it has turned into what it is now.

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    Travis, your first mistake is to associate the words "normal" and "Ginnie Springs" in the same sentence. That indicates a predictable level of insanity at this place, and every year, great efforts are undertaken to raise the bar.

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    In the United States of America, the Turkey Vulture receives legal protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. How upset were you? It's a federal crime to shoot them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superlyte27 View Post
    In the United States of America, the Turkey Vulture receives legal protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. How upset were you? It's a federal crime to shoot them.
    I thought they were somehow protected but I had no way of contacting authorities during my stay there. There would be no way to prove what happened now that I am home

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    I imagine a phone call to FWC would get them over their to look at the corpses. Nothing eats dead buzzard, so it's certain they are still there. They will find the buckshot in the corpses, and start investigating.

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    There are better places to go

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    Thankfully they did not make you scream like a pig. Welcome to the south.


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