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    So...what type should i go back with? Lithium poly is what I found on one of the sheets i found but can't be sure... not sure what in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiteHedded View Post
    make sure your hotel room has working fire extinguishers before tinkering with those batteries :P
    I think the Aainsle Suite a the Cadillac is almost ready for re-occupancy.....

    "does your wife know you dive like that?" - quote from Jeff Hancock on seeing me gearing up to dive back mount.

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    I'll keep it handy I don't like the smell of burnt curry!!!!

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    Much time of research and help from FW he has found this replacement.
    The packs (Each) are the exact same time I have dismantled the old pack and got the numbers off of it.
    This pack will fit in the holder for a nice replacement.
    I Post this just for everyone else that may have this problem. I have ordered one with a new charger and fire bag!.
    Yes fire bag READ the INSTRUCTIONS on the attached link about fires and charging.

    Thanks again FW


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    Default Battery Report

    New Battery has great run time!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnscarboro View Post
    New Battery has great run time!!!

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