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    Default Most amazing cave video

    For the lucky ones in Spain, TV Channel "Cuatro" in early September will show during prime time a video of the largest litoral cave system in Europe.

    Details are appearing here: http://www.cuatro.com/desafio-extrem...454254571.html .

    The images are amazing because they placed an incredible amount of lighting to the extent that the Galeria Cinc Cent (500 meter gallery) appears from one end to the other and the cameramen could not keep his eyes on the monitor from the beauty while he was shooting.

    Hopefully they will release it on the web as well!

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    Latest info. here with preview: http://www.cuatro.com/desafio-extrem...463283719.html

    Sunday at 22:30 is the program on national Spanish TV channel "Cuatro."

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    is the TV show host cave trained?

    Dominican Republic Speleological Society
    Aquavista Films LLC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillip1 View Post
    is the TV show host cave trained?
    "Jesus" the TV host/presenter (that is his name) is an alpinist (as in mountain climber). He has limited aquatic skils, but he made it past the difficult Pas d'en Judes (about 250 meters from the cave entrance) of which you can see a video here http://www.rebreathermallorca.com/video/gop2.asx (large size, download from here http://www.rebreathermallorca.com/video/pdj.asf and then play if video stream/buffer is slow) and then turned the dive, as planned, while Oscar accompanied by Pere and Xisco made the full push through the system exiting the other end of the cave system (about 1750 meters) which is treacherous because the rocks are unstable on the exit (not considered safe for more than one person to exit).

    The full videos are now available here (you need to have or proxy through a Spanish IP):



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