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    Default Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area, Eagle's Nest

    My buddy and I enjoyed wonderful conditions at Eagle's Nest yesterday but while leaving the wildlife management area, a man wearing a Florida Fish and Wildlife t-shirt stopped us. He said that we needed to stop when leaving, (where you pay coming in off US19), and identify ourselves as divers. He said this needed to be done only during hunting season -- which he mentioned was October to January.
    The man asked for this information to be passed along as he said many have not been stopping.
    On another note, when we arrived at Eagle's Nest, four open water divers were there diving. My buddy and I spent some time talking with them gently (hopefully) pushing the idea of getting additional training, (starting with a cavern course).
    They seemed receptive and I hope we made our point.

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    WMAs usually have hunter check stations, where hunters have to stop when leaving and report type and quantity of game they took. Sounds like this is what you encountered, as the officer would've needed to see that you weren't hunting and didn't have any game animals to declare.

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    Two weekends ago, we encountered the same deal as we left Eagles' Nest. The guy at the check in (metal ranger) told us that we needed to stop and let them know that we were divers and that we were leaving the site. It was the first time in several dives that any of us had heard of this.

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    the last time we dove that area in hunting season a FWC officer stopped us on the way in and issued us an orange safety vest and matching hat. his exact words were: "you boys be careful. there's a lot of red necks out here that will shoot anything that moves. also, they have high powered rifles." which prompted all sorts of jokes and impressions like: "woo-wee! i got him jimbo! big ol deer, i saw them silver things on his back and an orange head, i knew it was a deer. jus started shootin; didn't know they exploded like that, or walked upright. must be one of them yankee deers..."

    at least that made the hike out to buford tolerable. you kids stay safe.

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    I can just see the head mounted over the fireplace, complete with dive mask and hood...

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