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    Default O2 sensor query?

    I've just installed a new replacement O2 sensor in my analizer and the figures now read with a [- negative] . The readings are still in line with what the analysis should be, just with a neg in front. There's only one way I can hook up the terminals, so they shouldn't be reversed. I guess the readings are still O.K., just looks a bit wierd. Any ideas on what the reason is for this?

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    Reversed polarity of either the sensor or the wiring connection.

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    Yeah, I've had a closer look and compared the wiring into the back of the connect clip and it's the opposite to the original. Now, my question is, should I snip the red and black wires and re join them to reverse them, or is it really going to matter if the display reads negative? The reading is still the same. I bought the sensor from Canada, so it's not really practical to send it back and it's been opened anyway.
    cheers. Alex

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    You are using a Northern Hemisphere Sensor ......... once it crosses the equator it's upside down.

    Just kidding ......

    The polarity is reversed. What sensor and in what meter ?

    Joel Silverstein, VP, COO
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    LOL I was waiting for that - the upside down factor!
    The sensor is From Analytical Industries. Class R-33S1. I got it from ScubaGeek to replace Analytical Industries PSR-11-37-D2.[I gather this is obsolete]
    The analyzer is a DIVETek micro Oxygen analyzer - made over here.
    [A new sensor replacement here costs around $180 OZ and I got this from Canada for $110. I've had one on order here since mid July, hence the purchase O.S.]
    It connects up with a plastic quick connect. A mate of mine thinks he might be able to remove the leads and reinsert them into the connector.
    I'm thinking, if we can't swap the wires, it's probably not going to hurt reading in negative, it's only cosmetic.
    cheers, Alex

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    I've had the same issue with mine for years. It's perfectly fine to use it inverted. All these O2 analyzers are just converted DC voltmeters, and they're equally linear for positive or negative voltages.

    Andrew Ainslie

    Almost extinct cave diver

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    Great, that's what I thought, nice to have some confirmation!
    cheers Alex


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