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    Default Crystal Lake, Irwin County Georgia

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    Anyone ever dive or hear of anyone diving a vacation spot from years ago, Crystal Lake or Cyrstal Beach? Would love to hear some stories or accounts on this.

    From what I understand it is a sink hole that joins into the Alapaha River somewhere and that there were other sinkholes nearby.

    From a forum, "Im sure many of you south Ga folks have great memories of weekends spent at Crystal Lake. Take a look at it now, it's just sad to see it like this. The part that is still holding water is down where the old caves used to be."

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    Ocilla – Crystal Beach | Georgia Public Broadcasting


    This misplaced piece of the Georgia coast is totally natural – apart from the water slides, of course. The sand is ninety feet deep in some places – a reminder that the Atlantic Ocean once ebbed and flowed as far inland as Macon.

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    Water looks way low. Sad state of our springs and natural resources.


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