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    Default May Florida Trip

    Prior to the trip i posted to CDF and changed our plans a bit based on you'alls advice.

    We started by going directly to Peacock and staying at Dive Outpost. Cathy was a great host and we felt at home in the honeymoon suite. Instead of moving all around we spent five days diving Peacock and COW. Being new to these systems we kept it really conservative, starting the days with short dives using our steel 45's.

    Cow was really beautiful, but what the heck is wrong with people; We picked up two diapers and a condom cath...damn that's gross, a few people out there suck for not cleaning up their own trash. Course even after a masterful napkin drawing from Paul we spent the first dive swimming into dead end after dead end..but it was still fun. Found the downstream line and really enjoyed ourselves...then finally found the upstream side and grabbed the 85's for another dive.

    We ended up bouncing back and forth between COW and Peacock for a few days and finally took some video before leaving the area in the downstream side.

    After COW/Peacock we moved out to the Ginnie area and both REALLY enjoyed diving the ear/eye. We'd lay the line with our 45's in the ear and then do a second dive with our 85's going in the eye and then follow our line out the ear.

    Ginnie was my favorite dive of the trip, not sure if it was the fun of doing spins after shooting out the lips or fighting the flow in the eye while laying line but i absolutely loved it. We had a hard time not having crap eating grins on our faces for hours afterwards.

    We headed over to Amigos and got the skinny on how to use the fill station and log our purchases...a dive shop/fill station that uses the honor system and is open 24 hours!!! holy cow, we're in heaven. After telling Wayne we really had no idea where we were going to stay he hooked us up with a small cottage that he helps rent....way better than sleeping in our car after diving all day!

    after a few days at Ginnie we headed to Merritts and grabbed a boat from Edd. We intended to only stay for one day as Merritts is within 12 hour drive from Dallas...however the cave monster struck and after Hole in the Wall and Twin Caves we were hooked for another day.

    We're totally screwed now, planning our move to Florida next year and leaving for Merritts in a couple weeks. When people ask us why we love it so much it's really difficult to adequately explain...usually we're met with blank stares conveying a total lack of understanding.

    Managed to take some video during the trip. I can't possibly afford a new camera/housing now that the tech industry took a large crap..however the upside is that I've had my mako100 for more than 9 years and am really familiar with her.

    Taking video in caves is hard work, lighting is terrible and i end up holding the camera with one hand, arching my back like a madman while i use my hid to make up for illumination that my poor camera lights just can't provide enough of...My videos are terrible compared to others I've seen...

    Hole in the Wall

    Twin Caves


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    Thanks for the report

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuPrBuGmAn View Post
    Thanks for the report

    I understand your addiction, we all do.


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