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    Any progress with the reprint?

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    I'm also interested in a copy if it's reprinted.

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    I'de take one too.

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    I've just 'reactivated' this old thread (which required me to register for this forum!) because I've just been re-reading 'Down to a Sunless Sea' for the nth time. A classic bit of caving literature. And on a whim, I typed 'Mike Boon down to a sunless sea' into google, to see what it came up with.

    The point being, my copy is a pristine original signed (by Boon) hardback one from Stalactite Press, bound by 'High Level Book Bindery Ltd' of Edmonton, and quite possibly a limited edition. And a while back my friend Pete Mulholland (who some of you know) told me "That's worth something!".

    And my question is, "Yes, but how much?"

    Don't get me wrong, please. I have an extensive caving-library containing a number of valuable and rare books. And although my financial circumstances are far from pretty, they're possessions I'd be very loath to part with. But one has to be realistic about things, so I'm curious as to what the market value of this work might be to a caving-diving book 'collector', which is of course a rather niche market!

    Any ideas?


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    There are some great interview clips of him on the four part "Cave Diving Story" on YouTube by Sid Perou. It's a reenacted history of British sump diving. He has a quite memorable quote in there: "Panic is not a survival-orientated mechanism in a cave sump."


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