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Won't spammers be able to get my e-mail address if I post it?

Not likely, but possible. Don't post it if you are worried about this. We recommend to everyone that you have a secondary 'disposable' email account anyway. The spammers are out there, just waiting to fill your inbox with trash, so be aware of this anytime you tell or post your email ANYWHERE.

Are posts from businesses permitted?

The forum is open to all divers, even those that run companies. We just don't want to see the forum becoming a solicitor's haven. Businesses can solicit on our site by becoming a sponsor, their link and information will be added to our sponsors page.

There is a rule against soliciting, but if someone, even a representative of a commercial business announces something new, or a solution to a request posted on the forum, that solicitation may be considered in 'good taste'.

Violators may find themselves blocked from posting. Furthermore, most divers object to advertising without any substantive value. You may find that you have caused yourself more harm than good if you ignore this basic idea.

Can I post links in my comments?

Absolutely. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL), also known as the web address is an important and probably the KEY benefit of the internet. Just type your URL into your text using the complete link, ie: http://www.cavediver.net/ . The http:// part of the url is important or the link will not work.

If you wish to add an image (photograph or other image) into your text, you need to upload it and put the link to it into your message. Please remember to include the http:// as part of every URL.

What language can I use?

This site is obviously written in English, but we don't care what language you use. Keep in mind some character sets will not display on other people's screens as they do on yours.

If you wish to interpret or translate a message you can always copy/paste a message into Yahoo's translator: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/

How long do messages remain displayed?

Probably 'forever' or until they become irrelevant (if ever), or we close up shop... Messages are posted newest first, oldest last, so until the number of message headers becomes a problem (hopefully never), they won't be removed.

Sometimes I have problems connecting or posting. What's wrong?

We are not an internet god. Only he knows all the answers! There is a host of connectivity problems. Your connection to us, through the internet goes through many 'hops' and if any of these 'hops' are overwhelmed or mal-functioning, a bottleneck or NO connection is experienced. This site is sponsored and hosted by an Internet Provider, and will receive the best attention, but always look for the obvious.

A trick to see if it's us or you is to try and browse key web sites, like: http://www.yahoo.com, http://www.weather.com/ and if you can't get to them, then it's your computer or your ISP.

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