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    Cave Diver's Forum 1st Anniversary Social

    The CDF becomes one year old this July 2002. To celebrate this anniversary, the Cave Diver's Forum is sponsoring a social at Ginnie Springs Outdoors, on the 20th of July. ( Midwest divers, unable to attend this social in Florida, have their own social at Roubidoux. Contact Marvin Zaske at zdiver@misn.com .)
    We have the Devil's Eye Pavilion reserved all day. This is the pavilion closest to the river. Remember you can dive right up to midnight... We solicit your input, since, after all..... this is YOUR site and YOUR social. Please email Mr_Social@Cavediver.net (James Hurley) if you want to help or have any good ideas, suggestions or comments.
    Picnic items are being donated by some cave diving organizations and individuals, and we will have some giveaways from others, like Cave Diver's Forum T-shirts (the first ever). If your organization wants to help make this social a success, please contact Mr_Social@Cavediver.net.Tentative Menu:
    1) Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

    2) Grilled Chicken
    3) Onion Rings
    4) TJ's Mom's Famous Cole Slaw
    5) Veggie Platters (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) w/dip.
    6) Chips & dip
    7) Beans, lots of beans

    8) Jalapeno Poppers (cream cheese and cheddar)
    9) Gatorade, Water, Soda

    Flatware & other items:
    Paper plates, napkins, utensils, ice (coolers), cups

    Times & Schedule:
    9 - 1 Cave Diving
    1 - 3 Food is served / socializing
    3:00 Door prizes
    4:00 More Cave Diving (for those NOT doing surface deco)

    *Please note: It is important to tell Ginnie when registering, that you are with the Cave Divers Forum - AND your name be on the list below, in order to receive the special discount. If you are not on the list, or fail to tell them who you are, you will pay full price.

    RSVP List ( 92+ ...Lots... as of 17 July)
    Robert & Lee Alexander
    Gary Ashburn
    Mark Ashley
    Charles Ayash
    Kathleen Bagheri
    Jeff Bauer
    Fred Bear
    Kim Bear & Ron Bear
    Richard Blackburn
    Cindy Butler
    Heather Choat
    Steve & Stephanie Dalcher
    Josh Dolan
    Russell Edge
    Carl Fatzinger
    Shellie Foss
    Brock Frederickson
    Keith Gault
    Debra & Larry Green
    Darryl Gunter
    Selcuk Haciomeroglu
    Richard Hardison
    Mike Hawkins
    Galen Hekhuis
    Chris & Julie Henson
    Richard Hicks
    Kevin Humble
    Suzanne Hummer
    James Hurley +3
    Ernie DeWayne Hyatt
    Kelly Jessop

    Mark Johnson
    Tom Johnson +2
    Henry Kelley
    Dale Kuhlman
    Mike Koltz
    Adam Lanes
    Robert Langley
    Matt Levin
    Duane Liptak +1

    Connie LoRe
    Kent May
    Dave McLaren
    John McMacken
    Tom & Marilynn McMillan
    Keith Mille
    Kim Nugent
    Anna Olecka
    Jason Ottinger
    Alan & Rene Owens + 3
    Phillip Pearl +1
    David & Cynthia Penney

    Dana & Mark Pergram
    Mike & Sandra Poucher

    Gene Powell
    Otto Quadrat
    John Raber
    Angie Reim
    Bob Rennier
    John Robinson
    Bruce Ryan

    Wendy Shirah
    Paul Smith
    David Smylie
    Dawn Stewart
    Joseph Tegg
    Robbie & Shannon Thurman
    Bill Velazquez +3
    Bill Wallace
    Jay Wells
    Ron White +3
    Chuck Wingo
    Jack Wilhelm
    Brad & Elizabeth Wilson
    Forrest Wilson
    Jim Womble
    Suzan Woodall
    Allen Wooten
    Ralph Zito
    The First 50 Cave Divers Receive a Cave Diver Communications Handbooks - Donated by the National Association of Cave Divers
    Door Prizes!
    1 - Annual State Park Pass -Donated by Peacock Springs Citizen Support Organization
    12 - Cave Diving the Yucatan Peninsula Donated by Daryl Silverstein of SubAqua
    12 - Cave Diver T- Shirts - Donated by the Cave Divers Forum Moderators
    1 - Intro 2 Cave Course - Donated by Extended Range
    1 - $500 Dive Gear Voucher - Donated by Dive Rite
    1- Coupon Package - Donated by Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    $25 discount coupon for Cave Week in Akumal donated by Connie Lore
    $20 coupon for Free Nitrox doubles, donated by Aquatech Villa DeRosa
    10% discount off T0-shirt purchase, donated by Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    $25 discount coupon off Annual Dive Pass, donated by Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    6 Ginnie Springs Bears each with a Double Air Token
    2 Free Trips to the Cooper River, Charleston SC - Donated by Capt. Tom Mcmillan
    *** Discounted Admission prices for RSVP only:
    Non-Diver Day Admission $6.00 (regular price $8.00)
    Divers $16.00 (regular price $25 up to App.Cave or $19 Full Cave)
    Children 6 and under are free, and children 7-14 are $3 each.
    Supporting Organizations/Businesses
    Dayo Inc.
    Eagle's Nest Technical Divers
    Exploration Design Studio Xds
    Extended Range Foundation
    Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    Current Monetary/Door Prize Donors
    The following organizations and individuals donated door prizes and monies towards this social. We graciously extend our thanks to them. Their donations and your attendance will make this Social a success!
    Exploration Design Studio Xds - Susan Gero NACD
    Ginnie Springs Outdoors
    Extended Range Foundation
    Dayo Inc.
    SubAqua - Daryl Silverstein
    Dive Rite
    www.cooperriver.com -Tom Mcmillan
    Anna Olecka
    Bruce Ryan
    Forrest Wilson
    Rob Alexander

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