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  1. Angelita • Q. Roo Mexico


    Angelita • Q. Roo
    Text and photography by Curt Bowen

    White misty clouds encircle the divers as they descend for the first 50 feet. Like a skydiver dropping through the clouds, the divers descend below this white, misty layer to reveal one of the most unique and mystical views in the Riviera Maya
  2. Profile Data Banks - Modern Diving Resources


    Profile Data Banks - Modern Diving Resources
    By Bruce R. Wienke, PhD and Timothy R. O'Leary

    Profile Data Banks are extended collections of dive profiles with conditions and outcomes. To validate tables, meters, and software within any computational model, profiles and outcomes are necessarily matched to model parameters with statistical (fit) rigor. Profile-outcome information is termed ...
  3. METHOX - New technology or just wasted gas.....


    METHOX - New technology or just wasted gas...
    Text by ADM Staff

    “I’ll tell you what,” Beauregard said, “The air comin outta that thing smelled like a Tijuanna outhouse, but we used it anyway. And I’ll tell you what, that day I made it to 350 feet.”
  4. Dzonote Maya • Yucatan Cave Expedition


    Dzonote Maya
    Text and photography by Curt Bowen

    As we maneuvered into the Northwest of Mexico’s Yucatan, the transition was made from that of the coastal tourist to that of a jungle denizen. The Mayans who dwelled in these remote locations, although quite poor, were rich in spirit, always eager to assist us.
  5. Exploration • Discovery • Documentation • Preservation - Discovery of Cenote Kanun


    Exploration • Discovery • Documentation • Preservation

    Text by Jill Heinerth
    Photography by Wes Skiles

    Now, in the shadows of Chicxulub rests a circle of openings leading to a labyrinth of underground rivers and caves harboring untold secrets about the history of the Earth. Deep beneath the limestone bedrock, the blemish caused by Chicxulub reaches its tendrils to the surface leaving ...
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