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  1. Du An China - The Land of the Acient Abyss


    Massive cave entrances, some a hundred meters wide, dot the landscape from the upper mountain gorges to the flat plain valley along Red River. Mountain cave resurgences supply millions of gallons of water during the summer rainy season, feeding the rice paddy fields. Due to the remoteness and sheer number of caves, the possibility of great discoveries is immense. Decades of cave exploration will barely touch the ...
  2. The Pit and The Blue Abyss


    The Pit and The Blue Abyss
    Text by Krzysztof Starnawski

    Photography by Irena Stangierska

    The Pit and Blue Abyss are one of the few places dropping deep (70m – 110m) and allowing exploring lower levels of caves. At that depth diver is diving in salt water and the salt water would lead to a significant amount of rock corrosion. With two caves in close proximity to each other (about 500 m) one ...
  3. Buford Sink and Little Gator Siphon


    Buford Sink and Little Gator Siphon
    Text by Curt Bowen

    Due to its remoteness, and the difficulty of gaining access through the waist-deep mud swamps, choked pine and palmetto forests, and endless saw grass flats, many of these cave systems still elude even hard-core cave explorers.
  4. Expedition to Lanzarote - Into the Lava Dome by Jill Heinerth


    Expedition to Lanzarote - Into the Lava Dome
    Text and photography by Jill Heinerth

    Just 60 miles from the North African coastline, the beautifully peaceful island of Lanzarote hides its volatile past. Along this island arc are dynamic features that have revealed the earth’s innermost geologic secrets for perhaps millions of years. Sudden, violent eruptions have formed virgin ...
  5. Thermal Cave Diving in Hungary


    Thermal Cave Diving in Hungary
    by Peter Schneider

    Lake Heviz is 47,500 square meters and it’s estimated to be about 22,000 years old. The water that erupts into the cave is also old. The thermal water is believed to be about 10,000 years old, where as the cold water is “only” 8,000 years old. The water emerges from a depth of about 1,000 to 2,500m / 1500 / 8000 feet. Every 83 hours the lake replenishes ...
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