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    Madagascar above & below.
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    The purpose of the Cave Diver's Forum is to provide a place on the internet for civil discussions of anything cave diving related. This site is not a place to learn how to cavern or cave dive. This site contains plenty of comments, stories, reports, and opinions. Be careful, responsible, and mature, both in your posts and how you use anything you read here. Moderators do not monitor the accuracy of the content of threads posted here, and the opinions posted herein are personal opinions, and as such can be misleading and/or inaccurate. Entry into any overhead environment without proper training and equipment can get you killed.

    New to diving and not yet cavern or cave certified? Watch this short movie if so. It might save a life; yours!
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    Looking for Flordia dive buddies

    I have the same issue. Once past the ballroom parking, I get limited signal. It will show bars but if you text it will intermittently go through. If you make a call 1 out of 50 will actually go...

    rddvet 07-27-2016 07:55 AM Go to last post

    WTS Submerge UV-26


    Strazz 07-27-2016 07:43 AM Go to last post

    Looking for Flordia dive buddies

    I can send a text but cannot place a call and that's only in some areas, some areas I can't even text. Who do you have for service? I have verizon. I have looked up the cell towers and they are...

    rob191 07-27-2016 12:06 AM Go to last post

    Looking for Flordia dive buddies

    I've never had a problem getting a signal there, phone or data.

    Slüdge 07-26-2016 10:48 PM Go to last post

    ISO - BUT NOT URGENT - MEG TOS Counter Lungs and Halcyon Doubles Explorer 40lbs Wing

    As the title says, I am casually looking for those items as back-up. If anyone has either of them and is thinking of parting from them at a reasonable price and in good conditions, feel free to drop...

    txdiver 07-26-2016 09:54 PM Go to last post

    Looking for Flordia dive buddies

    the more buddies the merrier :) I'm trying to get setup so that I can work down there out of my RV (box truck that I turned into an RV). That way I can go down there during the week too. Ginnie is...

    rob191 07-26-2016 08:48 PM Go to last post

    Looking for Flordia dive buddies

    If you need buddies still drop me a pm, I'm in Tampa but hit cave country regularly. I'm staged cave, dpv and ccr cave cert. So I can do anything you want pretty much.

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    darushin 07-26-2016 08:36 PM Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Slim

    Happy Birthday Slim!!

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    Diverlee 07-26-2016 07:16 PM Go to last post

    'Cave' Filling Tanks

    I'm curious how far people take their cascade bottles. PM's welcome. :)

    chrpai 07-26-2016 04:01 PM Go to last post

    UV-18/40 For Sale

    It's off to a new home!

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    FLDVR 07-26-2016 03:19 PM Go to last post

    Happy Birthday Slim

    Happy birthday Slim, hope it is a great day for you, as well as all the coming days.

    AJM 07-26-2016 12:45 PM Go to last post

    River Clean up

    Lend a hand if you can:


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    tflaris 07-26-2016 11:20 AM Go to last post